Raspberry Chocolate Bread (Paleo, Nut free, Low carb)

Christmas Eve: Where Ukrainian families eat a lot, sing, pray, talk about food, and eat some more.

No, seriously, we traditionally have 12 dishes and call it a “fast” simply because there’s no meat.

Besides eating, activities in my family  include games of “Who can  make the best pigeon out of modeling clay without looking at a picture of a pigeon” (I won), exciting episodes of “Which of Dionna’s dragon action figures will win the battle choreographed by her 6 year old cousin”, and wondering why on earth my other cousin’s child wanted a laminator for Christmas.

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Sweet Apple Spice Loaf (Paleo, Low carb, Nut free option)

I’m a bit busy.

More specifically, I’m 18-credit-hours-plus-research-plus-CrossFit-plus-rock-climbing-plus-clubs-plus-commuting-plus-baking busy.

I’m currently still alive, but there are certain things I simply do not have time for.

Like the following:

1. Obnoxious assignments that resemble high school more than high school did. Remember when I mentioned how in bio we looked at the letter E under a microscope? Yeah, no fun. I do not feel enlightened.

2. Boys who can’t flirt, but put hearty effort into trying. For example, that guy at the gym who didn’t realize “I find you very attractive, you are so strong, can I have your number” isn’t a good pick up line. Continue reading

4 Ingredient Blueberry Platain Pancakes (Paleo, Nut free)


So I’m about a month into college.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

1.) I’ve learned many things. For example, that introductory biology labs are extremely boring. Our first lab involved looking at the letter E under a microscope. THE LETTER E. OMG it’s upside down you don’t say! How enlightening.

2.) I’ve met many people. Like the guy who awkwardly flirted with me on the first day of school whom I later saw at a concert, thought was someone else, looked waay too happy to see, and ran away from quickly once I realized my mistake. All in all, an educational experience.

3.) I’ve done lots of cool things. I have made the most gorgeous doodles while bored in one of my engineering classes. No kidding. They’re stunning.

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Almond Fig Muffins (Paleo, low carb)


Once a boy came up to my sister and asked her, quite nervously, “Do you know what’s harder than calc 3 and organic chem combined? Asking a girl out on a date…”

It sorta just got awkwarder from there.

And for the record, my sister said no.

But my real point here is not to recap some fellow’s failed quest for my sister, but rather to show that there are many many  things harder than calc 3, organic chem, and asking a girl out on a date combined.

Included are the following:

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Chocolate Almond Bread (Paleo, Low Carb)

choc almond

I love a solid adventure.

Recently, I was in Scandinavia and the UK. Talk about an adventure.The lands of funny languages and wonky accents.

Seriously though. When I was in a Danish church listening to the priest give a homily my ear was all weirded out because over the course of the sermon I was convinced I heard the following phrases:

-Live Streaming


-We want SWINE!! *congregation nods in equally vehement agreement*

-Pale fox

-Burn the waffles

I’m not sure how accurately these English phrases I somehow heard translate what was actually going on in Danish, but hopefully I got pretty close.

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Simple Lemon Vanilla Crepes (Paleo, Nut Free, Low Starch option)


I hope you like stories. Because a random one about a tiny man is all that can find its way out of my head.

Once upon a time there was Bartholomew.

Bartholomew was kind, honest, and fair. He was dedicated, creative, and everything wonderful. But, most of all, Bartholomew was tiny. In fact, Bartholomew was so small that his presence, let alone his charming personality, nearly always went completely unnoticed. He was so small that he was barely as long as his name, when he stretched. He was so small that sometimes he felt that the electrostatic forces around him were stronger than the gravitational.

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