Berry Cream Cookie Bars (Low carb)

Berry Cream Cookie bars

College visits. They’ve helped me narrow down my school choices from waaaay to many to a bit too many. Yay me. I’ve encountered some awesome schools, but I’ve also encountered lots of uselessness.

Observe the uselessness:

Me: Tell me a little bit about freshman year research opportunities.

Person who should know stuff: Hm maybe ask someone else but here in this building you see a stone slab on which Sir Random Richman stood when he donated Large Monetary Sums to the acclaimed Beer Studies Program. At Our School you will find a sense of community that allows you to run away from your parents and become a new party-crazy person. Come to Our School!

Me: Ok umm thanks?. How bout the graduation rate of the engineering program? Do you know that?

Person: Not off the top of my head, but I do know that a record high of 45% of all Floral Management Majors did get a job within 5 years of graduation! We have a truly cutting-edge curriculum in all aspects of our university. Come to Our School!

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Pomegranate Chocolate Blondies (Paleo, Low-Carb)



Through detailed, extensive, research and personal observation, I have come upon a very vital realization:

The key requirement for being a successful Driver’s Ed instructor is to be at least 85.43% crazy (I measured).

Seriously though.

One of my friends had a driving instructor who made her stop by at Taco Bell and buy him a taco. With extra beans.

My sister’s driving instructor decided to call her “Sofa” (that’s not her name, by the way.)

My driving instructor took me to Michael Jordan’s house and made me pose by the door like a basketball player while the other kid took a picture of me.

Sorta get the idea?

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