Coconut Lime Cupcakes (Paleo, Low carb, Nut free)

coconut lime

As I quickly approach the dawn of  my sophomore year, here is a nice compilation of the fact I have learned during my first year as a university student:

1. Living on the edge includes wearing crop tops to a business casual event.

2. Freshman engineers have the  great opportunity to learn all the computer programming  skills needed to do absolutely nothing useful.

3. Instructing students to go to cemeteries for  a biology assignment is apparently entirely reasonable.

4. Certain male flies present their mates with food for “prolonged copulation”. Basically, give her food, she’ll have longer sex. Most reasonable thing I’ve read all semester. Continue reading


Triple Chocolate Cookies (Paleo, low carb)

triple chocolate

Hi, remember me? Want to know why I’ve been away all semester? I’ve been busy learning  a  lot of things from many people. Here is a list of people  who taught me many important things.


Me: My code isn’t compiling. Can you fix it?

TA #1: It’s  because your code isn’t working.

Me: I know, can you fix  it?

TA #1:  Its not working because it’s not compiling.

Me: I know, can you fix it?

TA #1: You see, the computer is finding an error in your code.

Me: I know, can you fix it?

TA #1: You see the red  error message? Something is wrong with your code.

Me: Thanks for all your amazing help!!

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Almond Caramel Cookies (Paleo) 

So I have a slight ongoing problem.

In person, I’m generally considered decently cute by the outside world. Or at least, I pretend that I’m cute and people usually believe it.

But now for the slight ongoing problem:

I’m entirely un-photogenic.

You may argue, “Dionna, That’s not true! I’ve seen good pictures of you so many times!” But here’s the thing: I have to make a very concentrated effort to look good in pictures. Does it work sometimes? Yes. But is it a struggle? So very much.

You know how much I enjoy compiling random lists, so today I compile a list of problems cute-but-un-photogenic people have.

1. You can’t flirt on Snapchat. 

Haha!! If a boy ever asks me for a cute picture, have no doubt that I’ll be sending him one of my plush neuron, cause it’s much cuter than I’ll ever look according to a front-facing camera. And hey, nobody’s loss there. But purposefully ugly snapchat faces? I’m a total pro at those. Believe me.

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Coffee Choc. Chip Cookie Dough Truffles (Paleo, Egg-free, Low carb)


So I have some problems with automatic toilets.

And yes, I’m talking about toilets on a food blog.

I’m a rebel.

Anyhow, let’s get this straight. Automatic toilets are supposed to be the sanitary no-hand alternative to flushing, right? But what actually triggers them to flush? I could never figure it out. Is it wiggling? Is it jumping up and down? Is it breathing loudly?? Does it have nothing to do with me and does the toilet just flush whenever the heck it wants? I honestly have no clue.

Let’s talk about some of the automatic toilets at my school. Continue reading

Chocolate Chili Cupcakes (Paleo, Nut free, Low Carb)

chili chocolate muffins

Back when I was a little squirt of a child, I considered myself quite the talented author. I wrote many a work that is actually awfully entertaining strictly because it is so bad.

When I was about 10, I attempted to write an adventure story about a villus. Yes, a villus as in the fold in your small intestine that increases surface area and maximizes absorption of nutrients into the body.


It was a story about two countries, Anatomy Island and Infection Island, which were constantly at war. Our heroic Villus was spending the day sending germs to Liver-town and not letting them get past him and into the rest of the body.

That story didn’t turn out very well.

But as you can see, I was quite the nerd from day one.

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Samoa Truffles (Paleo, Nut Free, Egg Free)

samoa truffles after

About a week ago, I turned 18.

An official adult, on paper.

But I beg to differ. At 18 I plan to be just as much of a non-adult as I have been at 17. I mean, I make a pretty good non-adult.

So let’s have a little talk here. Why would I actually want to be an adult? What’s the point of adults anyway??

To my fellow youth: What have you ever learned that could not be discovered in greater depth somewhere in the bowels of the internet?

What delightful social norms have developed around you that you have not adopted from your peers?

What happy moments have you experienced that were not in the presence of adults, but rather around the invaluable influences that are your fellow teenagers?

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