Chocolate Coffee Ganache Tart (Paleo, Nut-free, Low carb)



But that’s not the point here. The point here is to forget about the fact that finals are in 2 weeks. The point here is to talk about completely useless and unrelated things. As usual.

Today’s topic: DATING!!  How to date efficiently. How to date successfully. How to avoid losers. (For the record, the majority of my personal dating experience can be summed up in the phrase “let’s study together” but I think I can still offer valuable information.)

POINT A: How to keep conversation alive

Ask questions! It’s easy to run out of generic questions like “Are you a nice person?” or “Do your parents like each other?”Next time, maybe try more insightful things like, “What’s your favorite tree?” or “What are your thoughts on kumquats?” or “If tulips had a voice, what kind of voice would they have?” Much more productive.

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Triple Chocolate Tart (No bake, Egg-free, Nut free, Low Carb)



My friends often know me as a perpetually single (but perpetually happy) girl.

But in fact this is not entirely true. I am perpetually happy because I am very, very, attached, not to someone, but to something. And that something is far better than many someones  I can think of.

So I really, really, love chocolate. Not as in I love chocolate-flavored sugar. I legitimately love chocolate in the pure, 100% cacao, sense. Some may call it bitter, but I know otherwise.

My love affair with Chocolate is the deepest, longest-lasting, most successful romance I may ever experience. And I’m ok with that. Cause you know what? Chocolate is waaaay better than a boyfriend. Case in point:

Reasons Chocolate is Better than a  Boyfriend

1. Proclaiming my love to chocolate isn’t as annoying. 

You know those girls who always like to share there relationship with everyone from their best friends to the random old man at Walgreens? (neither of whom really care for a detailed description of the way he holds your hand or talks in his sleep or washes your dishes, honey).

Anyway, I’m like that with chocolate. I announce my love for it far and wide. But no one cares as much. Cause instead of feeling annoyed, the world feels the love right along with me.

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Mason Jar Grasshopper Pie (Paleo, Egg-free, Low Starch)


Today my family decided to have a nice dinner all together.

Mom: Let’s socialize. What should we talk about?

(Great conversation starter, I know.)

Dad: (with a joking expression and a look in my direction) Boys…?

Me: Umm maybe thin film transistors? And the implications of carbon nanotubes on the future of drug delivery? Oh and did you know there are 17 species of penguins?

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