Ukrainian Beet Relish Family Recipe (Paleo, Low-Carb, Nut free, Egg-free)


Time to re-introduce my grandma (Babcia). Our (half-Ukrainian-half-English) conversations are often decently entertaining and enlightening.

I can especially count on her insight when it comes to boyfriends, romance, and what’s important in a man.

For instance, one day, Babcia saw me texting.

Babcia: Which of your boyfriends are you talking to?

Me: I don’t have a boyfriend. You know that.

Babcia: In my day you called all friends who are boys, boyfriends.

Me: Well now boyfriends mean, like…

Babcia: Going steady!

Me: Yeah. Male friends we call “guy friends”.

Babcia: Oh. Guy friends. Now I know how to be modern. What are you talking about with your boyfriends?

Me: Well with one of my boyfriends I’m talking about another bad boyfriend. But of course they’re not actually boyfriends. Because I don’t have a boyfriend remember. Continue reading


Strawberry Bacon Balsamic Vinaigrette (Paleo, Egg Free, Nut free, Low Carb)

stawberry bacon balsamic

This semester, I have come upon an issue that has thus far been new to me: Severe, chronic, boredom in class.

Typically, I can be found gushing about any material at hand like a proper nerd, with exclamations like “Daaaaaanng how perfectly exciting!!!” and “Woahh! That’s quite mentally stimulating!!”

However, ever since I reminded myself last-minute that a High School diploma could be rather useful, I’ve been taking the easy and monotonous classes that are required for that purpose (which I have hitherto put off while entertaining myself all through high school).

Today in my statistics class (after being the only one to actually do the homework and while waiting for the teacher to finish up the problem that I completed ten minutes ago), I was struck by the fact that I might not be the only person with this problem. Therefore, I have compiled a list for your benefit of what you can do when you are bored during lecture. I do hope you find this information helpful.

  • Plot the back-stories of your classmates. I have decided that the kid sitting next to me is an under-cover ninja-spy-superhero hybrid. I mean, if I were one, I probably wouldn’t ever talk to anyone either for fear of my identity being reviled. I’d also be doing just as poorly due to all the time I’d spend beast-training. I mean, that’s got to be the only reason for bad social skills and grades, right?

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3 Ingredient Berry Quick Jam (Paleo, Nut-free, Egg-free)

berry jam

So my name is Dionna.

A name you don’t necessarily hear every day (cause duh it’s Ukrainian and Ukrainian chicks are a lot less common than we should be).

And let me tell you, it gets butchered a lot more than it should, too.

I get it. Maybe you haven’t heard my name before… But it’s honestly not one of those bizzare 30-letter foreign names like Devaadkilikah Qkki Prooikarafalet (with probably some accents thrown in, too)

Six simple letters. Deeee-YAAWW-nuuuhh. Not that tough. Though I do understand where mis-pronounciation comes from, even after I tell them how to say it, people just don’t seem to get it.

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