Recipe Book

A quick note on ingredients: In addition to being paleo, my recipes are free of tapioca starch, a popular “paleo” flour. The reason for this is that tapioca is the pure starch of the yuca/cassava vegetable and thus still has a very high glycemic index. (Just like wheat!) It also has no fiber content to balance out all that starch. I will however occasionally use Otto’s Cassava Flour, as this is made of the whole cassava root: fiber, starch, and all, and is therefore a lower GI, slightly healthier starch alternative.

EF = egg free; NF = nut free; LC = low carb

Real Meals

pierogi    meatballs caption

Breakfasty and Bready 

crepe        pancake    choc-almond caption    muffins    bread-caption

Brownies and Bars

fudge    pomegranate caption.jpg    berry-cream-cookie-bars caption

Cookies and Crumbs

ginger-cookies caption.jpg    hedgehogs caption.jpg    lemon-poppyseed-cake-2 caption    truffles caption    pistachio-cake caption    samoa-truffles-after caption    chili-chocolate-muffins caption    caption-ccccd    almondcapcookies    triple chocolate    coconut lime

Smoothies and Drinks

slushy caption

Snacks and Extras

berry-jam caption    stawberry-bacon-balsamic caption.jpg    tsvitli caption.jpg

Pies and Tarts

grasshopper caption.png    mini-no-bake-tarts  caption    blog31 caption.jpg    tart-caption

Frozen Treats

popcicle caption.jpg    coconutnutmet caption